Lapierre has signed a contract for the next two seasons with the female cycling team: FDJ, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Futuroscope. This collaboration marks the start of a new era in top end women’s cycling competition for the brand.

For Gilles Lapierre, it shows Lapierre’s strong engagement towards the female cycling community, which needs greater recognition and media support: "Cycling is becoming more and more popular with women and we are delighted by this. With this new partnership, our objective is to aid the team to progress at the highest levels".

Carbon fibre is both a science and an art – and the result is black magic. We built our first carbon frames in 2003, and well over a decade of hardwon specialist knowledge sets us apart. We still build them by hand. One piece may look like another, but carbon is incredibly adaptable. It can bend and absorb  vibration, be extremely stiff, or anything in between. Think of an F1 car’s wings withstanding tonnes in aerodynamic load without flex, then shattering like glass in a crash. Compare that with an airliner on take off. See its wingtips flex by feet, over and over, never failing. Both very different. Both carbon fibre.

The secret is building it right.