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It's official, LAPIERRE and the FDJ just extended their partnership for a further 2 years. After 11 years together, PRO TOUR FDJ / BigMat continue to perform on the bikes of the historic French brand. The contract was signed until the end of 2014.

What is the secret of such longevity?

Certainly, the perfect communication and understanding between the two French leaders: Gilles Lapierre and Marc Madiot, but also the perfect collaboration between the technical teams from both sides.

What unites them?

A passion for cycling. A love of competition. The desire to always move forward. Both enjoy a challenge and always search for opportunity ... The partnership brings many innovative and efficient new products to debut in the 2013 racing season.

100% designed, developed and assembled on site in France Dijon.

Too rare not to be mentioned is the uniqueness of a French team that wins on French technology. This is certainly another component to the secret of this partnership's longevity. Together they understand that sometimes the impossible can be achieved and that they are not always predictable! Direct from R & D in Dijon, the team rides equipped with the latest innovation. A technology called 'EFI', it has already achieved successes in prestigious races such as the Dauphiné Libéré and the Tour de France - all in less than three weeks of use.

This system is integrated via a new geometry and carbon fibre weave within the frame to allow optimum performance. Xelius EFI will be available in the 2013 range and also available in the new custom build version 'a la carte' called Lapierre Ultimate.