EWS Finale Ligure - Dailly on the top of the world, once again.

Amazing performance of Adrien Dailly at Enduro World Series ! The Lapierre pilote wins his second U21 world championship title in a row. In Italie for the final runs, he gave a very impressive and flawless ride.

For the 2 pilots, the goal was clear : 3rd rank for Nicolas Vouilloz and a victory for Adrien Dailly.

Nicolas Vouilloz had a fast launch with the second time on the first stage. After day 1, he ranks 4th with only 2,5s away. Unfortunately, day 2 won’t look as good. Not in such a good shape, he crushed during the first stage of the day. He was hanging on but felt again and this time hurt his hand. He was forced to retire from the race, disappointed but still proud to compete with the best riders. With 10 world championship titles, Nicolas Vouilloz aged 40 doesn’t need to prove anything ! Among to the top riders during so many years, he also help the young ones to reach their goals as he did with Adrian.

A new generation has come ! With Adrien Dailly representing it. The young frenchman offered a perfect week-end to the fans. In Finale (Italy) at the 8th and last round of the EWS, the finish was perfect. After a great season, he also won all the U21 stages and sining the best score on stage 1 all categories. A supreme riding on each on of the 7 stages which allowed him to leave behind Sébastien Claquin who struggled to find his pace. Tied before this last race, Adrien won this duel over Sébastien. He is crowned U21 World Champion for the second time (he already won last year). A huge performance which confirms the pilot potential and the ambitions for the next years.