As we reported last issue our homeboy, Rhys , has put together a wicked package for 2012. Lapierre Bikes have decked out his garage, Shimano and Fox are keeping his bikes fast and Unit have got him dressed from head to toe. Oh, and NS Dynamics take care of his suspension tuning. So how does the new bike go? Are you crazy? Haven't you seen his results from the last few months? Rhys has been on a killing spree ever since he threw a leg over the thing. Let's take a closer look at it...


It certainly looks like you've landed yourself a sweet ride this season. Tell us a bit about your new deal and how it all came about?

Yeah I'm stoked to be riding for Lapierre this year, I've always liked the look of the bikes and just the styling looks great. The deal came around when Lapierre were bringing the new DH Frame into Australia earlier this year and they were after a rider to get it out there, so I was more than happy to jump on board.

We hear it's not just a one DH bike deal and in fact your whole garage is decked out with new bikes? Run us through your other fresh rigs?

Lapierre bikes were also nice enough to help me out with a new X-FLOW 712 and a XELIUS 700db road bike to keep the legs rolling over!

We mentioned last issue that you recently re-signed with Shimano. How are things working out with those guys?

I'm also stoked to be riding Shimano gear again on my bike this year, those guys help me out no matter what I need. Shimano look after me well and I can't thank them enough.

How does the new bike ride? Much different to the rig you were on last year?

The new rig rides amazing. It would easily be the quietest bike I have ever ridden and it just eats up the holes. I've had the bike for a week and I already felt at home on it.

What's the plan for 2012, are you heading off overseas or just focusing on the local race scene?

Not sure what my plans are for this year exactly. I'll be heading over to Canada for some overseas racing. I'd really like to go to Europe as well, so hopefully I can sort something out to make that happen as well.

Frame: Lapierre 920DH
Size: Medium
Rear Shock: Fox RC4 tuned by NS Dynamics
Weight spring: 450lb
Fork: Fox 40's RC2 tuned by NS Dynamics
Bars: Pro Atherton bars
Width: 745mm wide
Headset: Chris King headset
Stem: Pro Atherton direct mount stem
Length: 50mm
Seatpost: Pro Atherton Seat Pot
Grips: Pro Grips
Brakes: Saint Brakes
Seat: Pro Atherton Seat
Cranks: Shimano Saint Cranks
Length: 175mm
Chainring: Shimano Saint 38t
Chain Device: MRP Chain guide
Shifter: Shimano Saint shifter
Rear Mech: Shimano Saint rear mech
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra Cassette (11-25)
Pedals: Shimano DX Clips
Wheels: Shimano Saint hubs on Mavic Rims
Tyres: Maxxis Minion 2.5 tyres front and rear
Tubes: XC's all the way
Pressure: Depending on the track, normally 25 up front and 28 psi rear
Bike Weights: 17.3kg